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Getting On Level Footing With Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors

Work place safety is of number one concern for any business. This can be even more important in warehouses and factories where heavy equipment, supply shelving, and machinery are used, and a misstep can spell disaster for the operator or worker. An even working surface helps to reduce risk and can also make production more efficient. However, any building that sees a lot of traffic can benefit from the services of industrial concrete flooring contractors.

Hospitals, institutes, and office buildings are also commercial structures which rely on precision flooring to ensure safety and proper productivity. While flooring is often not the most obvious consideration in running a smooth operation, it is the foundation of businesses. Unexpected inclines and divots can cause harm to people and damage to equipment. Many flooring imperfections are nearly invisible to an observer, but they create an impact when stability and fluidity of travel are of the essence.

Measuring Up

Couldwell Concrete Flooring offers solutions for existing structures and new construction. For industrial concrete flooring contractors, the use of laser measuring allows for a seamless and level surface to provide the ideal grounding for everything from warehouses to car ports. This technology is not only able to ensure that flat surfaces are even, but can also calculate the exact grades that are required for ramps and needed inclines. A laser screed surface is free from divots and pour imperfections, which both ensures safety as well as customer satisfaction.

Service And Safety Concerns

Industrial concrete flooring contractors can handle a number of industry needs. This may include smooth poured floors for full areas or partial rooms, outdoor concrete with brushed surfaces for greater traction and wear, and even reinforced floors for heavy machinery and storage support. Poured concrete is most often used for indoor flooring, as it allows for trolleys to glide easily and for uncompromised foot travel. Brushed surfaces have a slight texture that creates a better gripping surface for tyres and greater traction in inclement weather, however, the concrete is also durable enough to be spray washed and to stand up to extremes in temperature change. Fibre reinforced concrete is ideal for multi-level structures such as warehouses, as this flooring can be custom designed to meet weight and support regulations.

Although the stability and precision of the surface is a top aspect of workmanship to industrial concrete flooring contractors, the composition of the materials is also a concern. Concretes that are not mixed or measured with safety in mind can give off dust as they wear or even add undue lime and other chemicals to the groundwater through run off and washing. Couldwell Concrete uses quality material, whether the surface is meant to be indoors or out, so that safety is ensured on all levels.

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