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Flooded Plymouth pub set to be closed over busiest period

Much of South West England was inundated with rain during late November and early December, resulting in significant flooding in many parts. One pub, which suffered flooding twice in three days, could be closed through the Christmas and New Year period as a result.

David Mitchelmore, the landlord of the Colebrook Inn in Devon, was hit by a second torrent of water on Saturday, November 24. He was still clearing up from the previous flooding when it came, wreaking more extensive damage.

Mitchelmore said:

“I don’t know when I am going to be able to open again,

“It could be January.”

He went on to say that six inches of water was left standing on the ground floor. The waters penetrated the fabric if the building, rendering much of the infrastructure redundant. The building may also need new concrete flooring, or at least some work done to its current flooring, which has been damaged by the sheer amount of water. The landlord continued:

“We have had an exceptional amount of rain over the last few days, the drains and the system just cannot cope.

“There was a massive volume of water coming through the pub. There has been so much damage, we have to do building work and the concrete floors will have to come up.”

Many nearby homes to the pub were also badly hit, with two residents being forced to move out and delays caused to both road and rail transport.

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