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End Clothing’s new Glasgow store is a design triumph

Menswear brand End Clothing recently opened a brand new store in Glasgow, which is located in and old post office and has a number of unique design features.

The store, which is End Clothing’s second, was designed by London-based Brinkworth. The firm has turned the old post office space on Ingram Street into a modern shop complete with concrete flooring and marble-lined interiors.

Brinkworth had its work cut out when working in a design for the new store, due to the fact that the old post office consists of long, narrow space that can be difficult to work with. However, the company took the decision to work with the unusual proportions, using mirrors to make the store appear more spacious and open than it actually is.

Those working on the project also created a ‘marble portal’, which is home to the circulation floor and “links all floors and forms a crucial product launch area in the lower ground void, visible from every aspect” according to Brinkworth.

End Clothing, which started out as an online operation, has also added its logo to a neon sign, which stretches from the entrance to the middle of the shop where the ground meets the marble portal.

Digital screen portals are used liberally on the space’s walls to show off brand content, and all many of the store’s fixtures are created from expensive Calacatta Carrara marble. This, along with the polished concrete floors, gives a luxurious contemporary feel to the whole store.

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