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Dog-friendly US company chooses concrete floors for office

A US building has made use of concrete flooring to keep the welfare of canine visitors in mind.

The new Bark office in Columbus, Ohio was designed by architects NBBJ. No carpets were allowed, so all floors are made from concrete, although some areas have woven vinyl or rubber floor covering over the concrete subfloor.

Bark is a New York-based company that creates dog toys and treats sent out in boxes to monthly subscribers. The company specified that its new Ohio office had to cater for the many puppies and older dogs that come to work there. Employees can bring their dogs to work, and canines are required to test the products.

There is a work and play lounge where dogs can run down ramps and play with the latest dog toys. Quiet areas have house plants and rocking chairs for workers and dogs to relax in when not playing with their dog toys, while the kitchens cater for human and canine food tastes.

In most areas, concrete flooring is used, with carpets strictly avoided in case the pooches don’t make it to the outdoor dog park to relieve themselves. With the help of the woven vinyl or rubber covering, the floors are able to withstand wear by dogs.

Concrete is a versatile flooring that has many commercial uses. As well as creating dog-friendly floors, concrete provides a hard-wearing, easy to clean floor covering for manufacturing and storage areas. Polished concrete flooring looks stylish for office and public areas, and is suitable for use in residential properties.

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