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Concrete floor coating market set for growth

According to Global Market Insights, the concrete flooring market has increased considerably during the last few years and is expected to have rapid future growth.  

By 2024, the total value of the worldwide concrete floor coating market is forecast to be $1.5bn, a yearly growth of 6.5%,

This growth is fuelled by increased commercial construction, especially in China, which accounts for around a half of all construction in the developed nations.

Many countries want to improve the environment and the infrastructure. A large number of concrete paths and floors are being installed in parks, outdoor recreation areas and city public spaces.

Floor coatings are essential to protect concrete flooring from abrasions and harsh climate conditions. They are also needed for floors with heavy footfall, such as railway stations, shopping malls and hospitals. Epoxy floor coatings provide resistance from impact, chemical spills and UV rays.

Industries in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors want concrete floors coated with materials that resist bacteria and make cleaning easy. Meanwhile, concrete flooring with a high gloss coating is popular for residential buildings.

Concrete flooring is environmentally friendly and the concrete can be recycled at the end of the floor’s life. Many organisations that install concrete flooring have environmental concerns, which is why manufacturers have produced bio-based coatings that do not contain harmful chemicals.

The Global Market Insights report predicts a positive future for the concrete flooring and concrete coating industries, especially in countries that have environmental concerns. 

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