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Can AI design buildings?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly fascinating topic recently. There are questions being raised about whether AI can ultimately replace human architects in designing buildings. Kaley Overstreet, in her article for Arch Daily, delves into the capabilities of ChatGPT and attempts to answer this question.

AI systems like ChatGPT use a software program that draws information from the internet to provide human-like responses to questions. For instance, if asked about the most suitable type of flooring for a commercial office building, ChatGPT can list numerous factors to consider, such as ease of maintenance, durability, slip resistance, aesthetics, and cost. It can then suggest options to consider, such as vinyl, laminate, or concrete flooring. However, it does not recommend specific floor coverings, as the final decision is still left to an architect.

Despite its impressive capabilities, Kaley Overstreet believes that current AI programs like ChatGPT will remain in the role of assisting architects and construction teams for the foreseeable future. AI programs can also create photorealistic renders of building designs that help clients visualize how a project will look. The question of whether AI will replace human architects in the future remains an open one.

AI is already being utilized in making concrete flooring. The ConcreteDNA system, for example, can monitor concrete pours and provide real-time curing data and accurate AI predictions on when the concrete will reach critical strength. This AI system analyses data from sensors embedded in the floor for use in a mobile and web app.

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