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Booming market for concrete flooring predicted

A recent report by Transparency Market Research predicts that the European market for concrete floors will grow by 6.3% a year over the next four years.

The report, titled ‘Concrete Floor Market – Global Industry Analysis’, forecasts that the worldwide growth in demand for concrete floors will grow by 6.8% worldwide and 6.3% in Europe.

Although there are alternative flooring solutions available, concrete flooring remains popular because of its resistance to heat, cost effectiveness and durability.

There has been a sharp growth in the construction industry in developing countries, which is driving demand for concrete floors. It is estimated that the Asia Pacific market for concrete flooring will rise dramatically during the next few years due to the rapid expansion of economic and urban development that drives the construction industry.

A factor that could block growth is the rise in raw materials and crude oil prices. This fall could be offset by the use of new bio-based materials. Plant-based substances can be substituted for oil-based mixtures, and polymers can be manufactured from recycled materials. Many businesses are concerned about green issues in the construction of their buildings, and this means that there is likely to be an increased demand for these bio concrete materials in the coming years.

There are many business competing in the concrete flooring market so there will be no problem meeting a larger demand for concrete flooring, and the Transparency Market Research report represents good news for the industry in which they are involved.

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